Frequently asked questions about installing a muzzle brake


What is a Crush Washer?
A Crush Washer is technically not a shim, but it is a cone-shaped spring.

Is my weapon's accuracy compromised if I use a Crush Washer instead of a shim?
A properly installed Crush Washer will NOT compromise accuracy. We haven't seen any evidence of accuracy degradation in
hundreds of groups and rifles tested.

How do you time a muzzle brake?
If you have a muzzle brake that is not symmetrical, you will want the ports to be in a certain position.
Often the small holes have to be at the top, or you have a clear top and bottom. The bottom is often closed to prevent dust and
sand from being blown up. So when you screw on a muzzle brake you want the side ports to be as level as possible. (correctly "timed").

How to Install a Muzzle Brake Using a Crush Washer?

  1. First, make sure the muzzle brake/compensator/flash hider threads and barrel are relatively clean and free of dirt, carbon, etc.
  2. Then apply a little grease to the Crush Washer to reduce rotational friction as it spins
    (it's the spring tension that does the job of holding the muzzle brake in place and maintaining pressure).
  3. The direction of the Crush Washer is one of the most common questions, the correct answer is that the contact diameter
    of the ring should be the same or smaller than the surface it fits against, in some cases it is cone forward, in others cases
    it's cone to the shooter, and in others it doesn't really matter.
  4. Place the Crush Washer over the threads of the barrel, then hand-tighten the muzzle brake against the Crush Washer.
  5. Use a wrench, socket wrench, or other suitable tool to tighten the muzzle brake a minimum of 90 degrees and a
    maximum of 460 degrees to compress the Crush Washer and lock the muzzle brake for correct timing.
    (The Crush Washers are made of spring steel and will compress, and at 90 degrees they will reach and maintain a
    rotational torque of 20-28ft/lbs until they are completely flat).
  6. Please note that a Crush Washer can only be compressed once, after removing the muzzle brake a new
    Crush Washer must be used.
    If the muzzle brake is regularly removed, we recommend that you secure the muzzle brake with a locknut.



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