The crosshair (or reticle) is composed to its form by combining a vertical and a horizontal line which meet at the centre of the image to form a cross. This cross is used as an aid in aiming at a target. Thin crosshair lines are best suited to aim accurately at targets which clearly marks the area. However, these fine lines can be difficult to see when the background is more complex as for example dense forest area. Thicker crosshair lines are more suitable for this “difficult” backgrounds, but lack the precision of the thinner lines. A option which combines the advantages of thin and thick lines is the so-called duplex crosshair. With duplex crosshair, the lines are thick peripheral and thin centrally. The thick lines can be used by the shooter to quickly find the central point of the crosshair, while the thin lines intersecting in the centre of the crosshairs are for more accurate aiming.

Three types of reticles are distinguished: classic recticles, illuminated reticles and ballistic reticles.

Classic Reticle

The classical, non-illuminated reticle is very versatile, accurate and assembled by adding a thin horizontal line to a vertical line and letting them meet in the exact middle to form the cross. This type of reticle can perfectly be used during good light conditions. During the twilight this type of crosshairs will not function a hundred properly, since it can disappear against a crowdy background or a dense forest. When you primarily go hunting during broad daylight or mild twilight, the classic crosshairs a good and reliable partner for you.


Illuminated Reticle

The illuminated reticle can make the difference for you during difficult or dark circumstances. This way it will be easier to find the target during dusk, twilight or night. When the reticle has an extremely high level of intensity (extra bright), the corresponding reticle can also be used during the day. When the reticle does not have this designation, it is only suitable for dusk, dawn and/or night. In most cases you will be able to manually control the illumination level of the illuminated crosshairs in terms of intensity. This allows to adjust the sight for any type of light condition or situation.


Ballistic Reticle

The ballistic reticle is a perfect partner when you are thinking about taking long range shots or are using the rifle scope for sport shooting. The aiming points under the centre of the cross will help you to calculate the distance on which your target is located. Since you can use these aiming points for calculating the distance, you can also use them to place the perfect long range shot. This way you can easily compensate the drop of the bullet.


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