Thermal imaging cameras produce extremely sharp and clear images, even during the darkest of nights. Unlike other night vision devices and technology, thermal imaging does not require any residual light to produce a sharp and clear image. Further, it is possible to use such thermal imaging cameras in almost all weather conditions, such as in fog and smoke, making it an ideal solution for nature observation, hunting, security and law enforcement.

Security and Law Enforcement 

It is essential for security and law enforcement agencies to be able to make split second decisions while undertaking their work. Police, fire departments and security guards use thermal imaging worldwide.

Thermal imaging does not only produce a clear image in complete darkness but also, during the day. The thermal contrast cannot be masked or hidden meaning that a person hidden in the dark or forest (who is normally not visible to other people) can easily be located and seen with the thermal imaging technology. In addition, the image produced by a thermal imaging camera is not affected by the glare of the sun or any other weather conditions.

Personal use

Thermal imaging cameras are also great for personal use. You could use them while spotting wildlife on rough terrain or in the forest. The camera picks up heat signatures from within its surroundings, making it will be very easy to spot animals. Whether it is at dusk, at night, during light fog or any other weather condition, the camera will help you track and follow your target. Because of their versatility, these thermal viewers are also used for detecting wildlife while hunting.


Thermal Imaging vs Night Vision.

Night vision devices also known as the I2 technology, strengthens the small quantities of visible light by a thousand times so that object can be seen during nighttime. Image intensifiers need a certain amount of light, but even the light of the stars and moon can create a clear image during the night. Because night vision devices need a certain amount of light to create an image, a heavy overcast can greatly affect the quality of your image. Furthermore, an excess of residual light may overwhelm the system and thus also affect the quality of the image. 


Night Vision: The image is affected while you are directly looking into the ships lighting.Thermal Imaging: The image is not affected while looking directly looking into the ships lighting
Night Vision: The suspect is hiding behind these bushes, but not cannot be spottedThermal imaging: Even though the suspect is hiding behind the bushes, his heat signature is easily found by the thermal imaging camera.

New Technolgy: InstAlert

InstAlert?is a new addition to the Thermal Imaging camera by FLIR. This unique feature colours the hottest part of your image red. This way, people, animal or any other heat sources can be easily recognized or spotted.


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