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  • (4201) SKS Shell Deflector
    (4201) SKS Shell Deflector

    Detail Information:

    •Add-on Accessory to Deflect Flying Shells and to Prevent them from Hitting People and Objects•Fits SKS Style Rifles•Compatible with SKS Tri-Rails and Hi-Pro Mounts•Matte Black Finish


    € 17,50 € 12,50
  • (1101) UTG SKS mount incl. 1" rings
    (1101) UTG SKS mount incl. 1" rings

    SKS Steel Picatinny Rail Mount

    ∙ Rail Length: 112mm (4.4 inch)
    ∙ Weight (net): 300g (11.8 ounce)
    ∙ matte black anodized Steel
    ∙ See-through Style

    Detail Information:

    •Latest SKS High Profile Scope Base with Raised…

    € 44,50
  • (3403) NcStar Loader-Unloader for AK47 /SKS 7.62x39
    (3403) NcStar Loader-Unloader for AK47 /SKS 7.62x39

    The NcSTAR AK Loader/Unloader is a versatile and reliable tool designed to streamline the process of loading and unloading ammunition for AK-style rifles. This compact and durable device is a must-have accessory for AK…

    € 34,50
  • (5116) AK / SKS CLEANING KIT
    (5116) AK / SKS CLEANING KIT

    Faithful reproduction of the original Soviet issue AK cleaning kit. Comes with jags, punch, blank firing adaptor, takedown tool, and carrying tube.

    • Cleaning jags
    • Punch
    • Blank firing Adaptor
    • Takedown tool

  • (1303) SKS recoil buffer
    (1303) SKS recoil buffer

    SKS RECOIL BUFFER / shock absorbing polyurethane

    The recoil buffer pad reduces recoil impulse and significantly prolongs the service life of your firearm. Made of industrial polymer, it reduces felt recoil, bolt slap, and overall…

    € 17,50
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