To be able to get the most possible image while looking through your binoculars, you will need to adjust the binoculars to your eyes. If you don't do this, your binocular will not be set to your eyes and the image quality will be much lower. Below you will find a three step manual how to adjust your binocular. 

Step 1. Setting your Twist-up eyecaps.

When you look through your binoculars, it will make a big difference if you do this with or without glasses. Because there is a difference in the distance between your eyes and the binoculars when viewing with or without glasses. To compensate this difference in distance, the eyepiece come equipped with a special rubber. This rubber can easily turned in/out or in some cases flipped back. If you are carrying glasses, this will mean that you will turn the rubber in or flip it back. Aren't you carrying glasses, then you will turn the rubber out or flip it forward. Below you will find an example of a binoculars with this special rubber (twist-up eyecaps). The left side has been set for someone wears glasses (turned in), while the right side is set for someone who does not

Step 2. Adjusting the interpupillary distance

Your eyes have some room between them and therefore it is important to adjust your binoculars to this distance. To do this, you first bend your binoculars until it is at it's smallest. After doing this, you slowly bend the binoculars back while looking through them until you have a nice view. Next you pick out an object on about 100 meter and bend the binoculars in or out again until you see one round image. When you did it right, both eyes will see exactly the same and you will see no dark edges.

3. Properly focusing your binoculars

In most cases, someone will have somekind of small deviation in the strength of their eyes. It is possible to compensate this with the diopter ring of the binocular.

Aim your binoculars on an object which finds itself on about 40 or 50 meters. As soon as you find the point, you will start focusing your binocular with the big central focusing knob while only looking through the left tube. It is recommended to cover the right rube with your hand or close your right eye.



When the image in the left tube (and your eye) because focussed, change eyes. In this case, you will cover the left tube with your hand or close your left eye. Now you will look through the right tube with your right eye. While looking through the binoculars, you twist the diopter ring (this can be found near the right eyepiece) until the image become (more) focussed. After doing this, your binocular should be adjusted to your eyes.


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